PCBE Past Presidents Timeline

Early Founders and Presidents of the PCBE Predecessor – The Alpha Club
Dave Eastburn, John Bunting & Gil Heebner – Founders
David Melnicoff - Early President

PCBE Presidents

1968-78 Frederick N. Sass – Consolidated Rail Corporation
1979-81 Terrence A. Larsen - Pennsylvania National Bank
1982-84 Kenneth Mayland - First Pennsylvania Bank
1984-86 Donald J. Mullineaux – Philadelphia Federal Reserve
1986-89 Howard Keen – Conrail (2 terms)
1990-91 Marlene Granitz - Robert Morris Associates / Econsult Corporation
1992-93 Bernie Markstein - Meridian Bank
1994 Allen Simpson - Simpson Capital Management
1995 Joel Naroff - First Fidelity / First Union
1996 Don Leonard - Bell Atlantic
1997 Mike Hogan – PNC Bank / SEIC
1998 Elizabeth Webbink - Productivity by Design
1999 Elinda Fishman Kiss - Rutgers
2000 Bill Garretson - Equity Appraisal Co
2001 Robin Klemm - Optimus Consulting
2002 Steve Meyer - Philadelphia Federal Reserve
2003 Christopher Swann - Global Insight / BEA
2004 Roger Bird - American College
2005-07 Michael Donnelly - Global Insight / Prognoz
2007-08 Michael Weiss - Fairfield Research
2009 John Gerace - Chestnut Hill College
2010 Ralph Giraud - STP Investment Services
2011 David Allon - Firstrust Financial
2012 Byron Wilson - BEW Advisors
2013-15 Ralph Giraud - Rutgers University
2016-18 Luke Tilley - Wilmington Trust

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Monthly Meetings held at the
Philadelphia Federal Reserve
10 N Independence Mall W
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(Seventh & Arch St Entrance)

Arranged around the theme of “2020 Vision: Examining Policy Prescriptions in an Election Year,” NABE’s 36th Annual Economic Policy Conference explores competing visions and strategies for achieving the dual goals of economic growth and domestic security, as well as key challenges for policymakers including heightened tensions around globalization and trade alliances, demographic and political shifts, and rising economic nationalism.

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